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Sales & Installation

We are able to provide a whole range of new equipment from Toasters to Combination Ovens, Dishwashers/Glasswashers from a wide range of manufacturers as well as bespoke tabling, hot cupboards shelving etc.

When quoting for new equipment we would look to complete a site survey to discuss your requirements in detail and make recommendations based on your needs, budget and space available. The site survey and product selection would be completed by the engineer that installs the equipment for you, to ensure they fully understand your needs and the work which needs to be completed to ensure a smooth transition for you.

Where applicable we will advise you of any additional requirements to ensure you comply to all current Gas Safe Regulations.

When providing quotations wherever possible, we will provide an all inclusive price to include any materials required to adapt existing services for new appliances as well as labour to install for you.

All quotations supplied are non-obligatory, free of charge and are valid for 30 days.

Installation Only

If you have purchased equipment and need it installing please let us know and we would be happy to complete a site survey and provide a fixed cost quotation to complete the installation for you.

If appliances are Gas and/or are second hand there are requirements that must be adhered to, appliances must

  • Be suitable for intended gas supply type. (NAT or LPG)
  • Serviced or in an acceptable serviceable condition.
  • Have a correct ledgeable data plate indicating specific appliance criteria.
  • Manufactures instructions supplied with the unit.


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